Script Leaks and More

The world of film is as diverse as the people that love to watch them. While some love a lively musical, there are others that would rather watch a dark, scary movie. The aim of script leaks is to offer advice on how to help you improve your writing, whether it needs improvement and practice in format or content, as well as updates on the newest developments in filmmaking.

One of my main goals in creating this blog was to be able to help others and share the ideas that inspire me, hoping that they are able to inspire and motivate others to write the next great movie I get to go see at the theater. In order to help you write in a format that producers and directors will actually want to read, check out the pages on how your script is expected to be written and how it should ultimately appear.

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How to Write a Movie Script

The specifics of writing a movie script aren't terribly complicated, but they are specific and important enough that if you neglect to write in an acceptable manner, you run the risk of having your script ignored. You will frustrate anyone trying to read and critique your masterpiece, and no one will ever direct and produce your movie. Instead of taking that chance, learn the conventions of writing a script and start sharing your story.

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Finding Inspiration to Write

Do you have writer's block? You're not the first to deal with this problem and definitely not the last. Luckily, there is inspiration all around if you are willing to seek it out. Hopefully, you are creative and a little bit adventurous since finding a muse to get back to writing can require stepping outside of your comfort zone and seeking inspiration. Learn some things that help me to get the creative juices flowing when I've bottomed out on creativity.

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